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We’re software development company focused on mobile development

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Weight Tracker

Tracking your weight and calculating BMI has never been easier with Weight Tracker, your body weight watcher with built-in BMI and Food Calculator! Monitoring the results of your weight loss diet made easy! This is your must-have app to track your body weight while on a diet plan.

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Currency Converter

Currency Converter for over 170 currencies with real-time exchange rates. Instantly convert any currency amount to other currencies. With over 170 currencies from all over the world sourced from 15 reliable financial data providers and banks, including the European Central Bank. Featuring multiple currency fields, historic rate charts, and a built-in currency converter calculator.


Scientific Calculator

Our scientific calculator is a free, simple and easy to use app with a simple design which will not tire your eyes. It can perform many operations, starting with the four basic ones, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and more advanced ones like square roots, squares and other exponentiations, logarithms, factorials, and basic percentages.




We are a group of multi-skilled individuals who are entrepreneurial by nature and live to make digital products and services that people love to use.

John Doe Co-Founder at Xapp


Mersad Husić


John Doe Co-Founder at Xapp


Enver Suljić


  • Bosanska 131, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • +38762254956



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