Privacy Policy

Last update: October, 1st 2021

This privacy agreement is provided by CalCon Mobile Sp. z o.o., suitable for application programs of CalCon Calculator, including mobile application programs, other cloud services and relevant products and services involved with these programs. Our software and services may include all kinds of functions and content provided and transmitted by us and the third party, such as advertisement.

We have worked hard to ensure our data to be safe and applied in right and legal ways.

You can learn from this privacy agreement how we collect, apply and share data, including the sharing objects of these data.

Any modification of this policy shall be released in this document. You can check our latest privacy agreement regularly. The continued use of mobile application programs of CalCon Calculator shall mean you agree with our modified privacy policy.

1. What data do we collect?

As you use the software and services, the team may collect and store your following information:

1. Technical Information

Some technical information of your device, the use of software, services and internet applications from the third party of your device; The type, name and version of your operating system and other software and services; ISP (Internet Service Provider), GPS (Global Position System), IP (Internet Protocol), identifier for anonymous users, device configuration, IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers in iOS), ID for advertiser (Identifier for Advertisers in Android, etc.), the version, configuration and setting of software and services and so on;

2. Information for use

Information related to your use and interaction of your device, including the software, services, and other software; For example: when and how you use the software, services and other software; the application programs you have and how often you use them; the ads you read and your response to them.

3. Non-personal information

Non-personal information refers to data not allowed to directly connected to any particular individuals, such as your Android ID, CPN model, size of memory, IMEI number of mobile phone, mobile phone model, ROM, screen resolution, names of installed application programs and software package, mobile phone operator, position, installation, uninstalling, and frequency of use, etc.

We collect and use non-personal information to better understand users' behavior, solve problems in products and services, and improve our products, services and ads. For example: we will improve the screen adaptation effect of our products by learning about your screen resolution.

4. Supporting-related information

If you communicate with us to obtain related support via email, we may collect your email address and the information included in the email. This kind of information is only used to provide support and services for you.

5. Social network (if applicable)

Your interaction on the social network through software and services, such as: clicking relevant button in application program to enter our Facebook homepage, and logging in Google game account to check the game ranking.

6. Registration-related information (if applicable)

Information you provide when you register the software and services; For example, your name, birthday, email address, etc.

We do not intend to collect any personal identification information (“PII”) (except the registration and user support specified in the privacy policies), but there may be errors during the process of collection of data, which may contain PII. We will regularly check and update and timely identify and remove unwanted information of software and services collected unintentionally.

2. How do we use such data?

Data are collected and used by our team for analysis, business and operation, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Check and update, to ensure that you will timely acquire the latest functionality and features of the application.

2. Notify you of updating of software and services.

3. Provide support to you and handle your feedback and complaint.

4. Take actions in case you raise an objection against the software and services.

5. Provide personalized contents for you, including advertising based on interest given to us or our partners.

6. Identify any issues and timely improve the software and services.

7. Maintain and improve the service quality and operation of software and provide customized contents.

8. Protect the software and functions from malicious use.

9. Guarantee that products conform to laws and regulations as well as other applicable policies and provisions.

We may share information with the third party under the following circumstances:

1. We are required by laws to disclose your information.

2. The team experiences the combination, acquisition, change of control power of other companies and other business transition.

3. We may share your information with some third-party companies, such as advertising platform, and we will require such third parties to (i) guarantee the security of data, (ii) never use the data for the purpose other than providing services to us, and (iii) use the data only according to the privacy policies.

4. We may share your information with our subsidiary companies, affiliated companies or parent companies, and they must comply with this privacy agreement when using this kind of information.

In any case other than the above, we will never share your personal identity information with the third party without your prior consent.

3. Third-party content

Some software and services may include and/or allow you to add content to them. It may include application programs, buttons, gadgets, third-party advertising links, websites, products and services (including search services) links and other ways that the third-party provides you (called "third-party contents and services").

Such third-party content and services must be used in accordance with its privacy policy. We will not review, approve, monitor, accept, guarantee or make any representations about such third-party contents and services, and you shall take your own responsibility of any risks when accessing to the third-party contents and services.

We recommend that you read the terms, conditions and privacy policies of such third-party contents and services before using or accessing to any of them.

You can find out how the third-party uses your data through the following links:




4. Social network

You can also select to activate additional features so that you can update and use your favorite social networks directly from the software and services. During this activation process, you will be required to grant the team permission to edit certain information on these social networks. The information may include lists of friends or contacts, notes, updates and photos, which may be used by the team to customize content available through software and services, and to recommend you with new features and content, you might be interested in, or provide data used by the team for statistical purposes. The information you allow the team to access is the information presented to you when you select to activate these features.

For any questions or doubts, please refer to your social network provider policy. You can control the access authority of the team to your social network account at any time by changing your social network settings or not authorizing the team to access your social network account.

5. Cookies and other technologies.

We may collect or allow third party to collect and provide information on certain information about you and send it to our server and our partners through code blocks called "pixels" or "web beacons" in functions or new functions. We or our partners will package all or part of the information into a small text file called cookies and send the cookies to your computer. For example, cookies may store search queries made through software and services, pages you accessed, interactions with the ads presented to you through software and services, features you use, session duration, and software configuration, preferences, and services. These cookies and other technologies enable us and our partners to identify you the next time you use, access or access software and services, or access or visit our partner's network (i.e., websites and services outside the team).

The team and/or its partners use cookies and other tracking technologies to:

1. Facilitate and enhance interactions and activities with software and services.

2. Help the team know how you use the software and services, that which parts are most attractive and interested to you, and what kind of discounts you want.

3. Provide you with personalized contents through software and services as well as third-party websites and assets, which may include interest-oriented information, online ads or other marketing materials.

4. Analyze information collected from you and help manage and optimize software and services.

5. Track and measure various performance parameters and demographic statistics parameters of the campaign, including but not limited to, analyzing browser-loaded ads, website pages that you may view when the ads are released or accessed, and your interactions with ads.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but you can reset the browser to reject all cookies or indicate when to send cookies. However, if your cookies are disabled, some features of the software and services may not function properly. By using software and services, you agree to allow collecting the above-mentioned information and cookies.

6. Data preservation.

We will keep the information we collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy to achieve our business and/or operational purposes or to comply with legal requirements. We have implemented safeguard procedures to protect your information according to industrial standards, and we have restricted access to your information on the server, which is under encryption protection. Nevertheless, since the Internet is not a 100% secure environment, we cannot guarantee that the information you deliver to us will be 100% secure. Meanwhile, we establish data nodes all around the world to back up data to be under supervision by local laws.

After you uninstall our software or stop using our services, we will delete all your data within three months. If you clear your data through internal software clicks, we will immediately delete your locally saved data and delete all your data on the server within one month.

7. How can you contact us?

If you have any questions or doubts about any of the issues covered by this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email: